Friday, June 6, 2008


In the very front of the garden, was a half circle cut out of the lawn. In it were several arbor vitae and a pine tree. We took all of these out, leaving only the cypresses at the outer edge along the wall. I put in a number of roses around the outer half circle including: Bewitched, Christian Dior, Sterling Silver, Golden Sceptor, Iceberg, Ambassador, First Prize, Paradise, Brandy, Fragrant Cloud, Snowfire, and Electron. Inside of the circle, I sowed foxglove, dames rocket, rudbeckia, cosmos, hollyhock, and larkspur. As in front of the house, the foxglove did exceptionally well. Just outside of the roses, I sowed calendula, evening primrose, and snapdragons. Unfortunately, several weedy grasses and broadleaf plants I don't recognize seemed to do as well as the seeds I sowed! The only seeds that didn't seem to prosper at all was the nicotiana.

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