Sunday, June 15, 2008


In early April, Jeff and I, along with the help of Jesus Perez and one of his employees, dug 75 holes and planted 75 roses named "Lavender Simplicity" from Jackson & Perkins. Most of them (64 to be exact) were planted between the sidewalk and Benton street. The other eleven were planted along the gravel driveway. This past week, they began to bloom.

Over the next few years, they should grow into a continuous hedge, save for the breaks at the maple trees, driveway, and sidewalk-way. It certainly is an improvement over the bare dirt and weeds that were there before we planted the roses.

Along with roses, I had sown poppy and fare-well-to-spring seeds. I like the flowers, but I'm not too pleased with the ragged appearance of the foliage. Next year, I plan to sow white alyssum to complement the roses. They mix well, lying at the foot of the roses, filling in and covering the dirt, but never competing with the roses themselves.

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